All up, I put in heaps of time and effort creating and updating my content.

Donations are entirely optional but greatly help me to continue with what I’m doing – releasing high quality content completely for free isn’t great for paying the bills unless people like you step in and show your support.

Ongoing support via a service such as Patreon or Liberapay is great because it offers more consistency, but you’re welcome to use a once-off or crypto-based donation as well – any amount is appreciated! <3


Knowing that I get X amount each month makes it much easier to plan around paying for bills, so ongoing support is preferred for those who want to provide it.

Become a Patron!

Flattr doesn’t have its own cool button, but can be a great option if you use it.


If you really liked something you read or watched, but you’re not sure if you want to commit to ongoing support, a once-off is fine too.

If sending through a once-off donation that doesn’t have an integrated message built-in, please feel free to drop me a line via any method in the above contact link so that I know about the funds – otherwise they might just sit around for a while collecting virtual dust!

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  • PayPal donations can be made via (the description has nuked my formatting, but it’s still there). Note that although you can make recurring payments using PayPal, it’s better to use the other methods listed above for that purpose.
  • Ko-fi seems to be functionally just a PayPal reskin ((it still uses PayPal lol)), but feel free to use it if you’d prefer to do so – I guess it looks cooler ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • (I previously supported donations via Skrill, but their fees have become insane so I’d rather avoid using them for donations now)


I currently have donation wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Stellar, and Zcash. If you’re wanting to donate with basically any other crypto, please consider just making a swap to one of those and removing any incurred fees from your donation amount – there’s still unfortunately a non-trivial amount of time upkeep when maintaining wallets for most cryptocurrencies.

BTC: 1AftvAdE5Bu3sjJK5iy4Ly8Cw5iK6qec2x
ETH: 0x4d1F99C466c48112967849f4448ae0B5FbbA6864
XMR: 484LueHQQ1AUZHYfq2RCg55QQthxnu4wP67nWvvR5DZzQNnTSHA2jwX1n1CiVanTnpEThWxPzMWWAadApwFTzUZu6Hv4hFJ
ZEC: zcMMTbTWs2iEuBYoxAACRN9ucxS8aZLGqza3pmtMTM8FhNMXcxJLpFsUYx7hcm7MDZiZfBJwP87eBV4DeZFY9icZPbBrs7J

You should be able to send Stellar (XLM) via my Keybase, which has the added benefit of having lower transaction fees than the above as of when I last updated this page. (The BTC and ZEC addresses listed there are the same as the ones on this page)


If you’d like to support me via other means, get in touch and we’ll try to work something out.