Tech Setup / PC Specs

Last updated: 2023-09-08

I wanted a stable link that isn’t hosted with ads from a megacorp so am putting this here. I probably won’t remember to update it immediately if something changes. Components are ordered by:

  • Computer: roughly PCPP order.
  • Audio: interface -> associated input/output devices.
  • Extras: alphabetical by name.

Primary PC: custom desktop

CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950X (16C/32T)Running @ stock with IF @ 1800 (1:1:1). I tried undervolting but had rare stability issues at idle.
CPU CoolerCryorig H7 PlusCurrently using NT-H1 paste.
MotherboardAsus Prime X370 Pro
Memory (RAM)G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB 3600/C18/DR (2x16GB) DDR4 (F4-3200C16D-32GVK)Tuned subtimings (but not a huge improvement for the amount of effort it took lol).
Primary Storage- Seagate FireCuda 530 2TB M.2 NVME
- Samsung 850 EVO 1TB
The 530 is on an EZDIY-FAB M.2 to PCIe adaptor (couldn't get the M.2 slot on mobo to work lol).
Secondary Storage- 2x WD Red Plus 4TB (EFPX)
- 2x WD Red Plus 4TB (EFZX)
- 1x Seagate Ironwolf 4TB (ST4000VN008)
Storage Spaces parity array.
Tertiary StorageSamsung 840 EVO 500GBScratch disk.
Video Card (GPU)Dell RTX 3060 Ti 8GBModestly undervolted and overclocked.

This is a second-hand ex-mining card that I got relatively cheaply as a budget upgrade.
CaseSilverstone Fortress FT02-BWThe revision with AP fans and USB 3 on the front panel. Top 120mm swapped for a Nexus 120mm.
Power Supply (PSU)Corsair AX760
Operating System (OS)- Windows 10 Pro, 11 Pro, 8.1 Pro
- Pop! OS
Multi-boot using rEFInd.
Display(s)- Gigabyte G27Q (27" 1440p 144Hz VRR IPS)
- Dell U2412M (24" 1920x1200 60Hz IPS)
Sound CardAsus Xonar Essence STXUsing UNi driver 1.71.1 and XonarSwitch
MouseSteelSeries Sensei 310(not a big fan)
MousepadArtisan Hien (Med/Soft)
KeyboardMax Keyboard Nighthawk X8MX Browns.
WebcamLogitech C920
Optical DriveLite-On iHBS312Blu-Ray RD/WR capable.
UPSCyberPower CP1500EPFCLCDa1500VA / 900W, proper sine wave.

Laptop: Lenovo Y540 (81SX0018AU)

CPUIntel Core i7-9750H (6C/12T)Undervolted using ThrottleStop.
Memory (RAM)16GB 2666/C19/DR (2x8GB) DDR4One stick is aftermarket (nothing fancy).
Primary Storage512GB M.2 NVMeStock.
Video Card (GPU)GTX 1660 Ti 6GBModestly undervolted / overclocked.
Operating System (OS)- Windows 10 Pro
- Pop! OS
Dual-boot using rEFInd.
Display(s)15.6" 1080p 60Hz IPS
MouseRazer Viper
MousepadSteelSeries QcK Edge (Med)


CPUIntel i5 3570KMy old CPU from 2013. I disabled turbo boost to reduce power consumption a little.
CPU CoolerCooler Master TPC812My old CPU cooler from 2013.
MotherboardAsus Z77-V PROMy old mobo from 2013.
Memory (RAM)16GB (2x8GB) DDR3My old RAM from 2013.
Primary Storagerandom USB drive(Unraid uses a USB drive)
Secondary Storage- 3x Seagate Ironwolf 8TB
- 4x WD Red 3TB
Dual parity setup. The WD Reds are my old drives from 2013~2015.
Tertiary StorageSeagate Ironwolf 8TBCache drive.
Video Card (GPU)iGPU
CaseOpen air on a shelfI have a couple of fans hooked up to give the drives airflow. I might move everything to a spare case the next time I swap drives.
Power Supply (PSU)Corsair TX750MOverkill for this build, but it's a good quality spare PSU I had on hand.
Operating System (OS)Unraid Plus(I haven't loved my Unraid experience, but it does have its benefits)
Display(s)Random 19" (?) monitorYears ago I bought an old LCD monitor for $5 for the express purpose of using it with the NAS.
UPSCyberPower CP1500EPFCLCDa1500VA / 900W, proper sine wave.


SoundcardAsus Xonar Essence STXUsed for all desktop audio output, plus 3.5mm mic input.
SpeakersAudioengine A5+With patented Phonebook Mounting™ technology.
Earphones / IEMs1MORE Quad DriverI regularly swap between this and headphones/speakers while at my PC.

Its poor noise isolation is something I tend to prefer when going out, so I maintain adequate environmental awareness.
Headphones (closed back)Focal RadianceI regularly swap between this and earphones/speakers while at my PC.

Got this at super-clearance price, otherwise it'd be way out of my price bracket.
Headphones (open back)Focal ClearUsed now and then when I want good sound.

Got this at super-clearance price, otherwise it'd be way out of my price bracket.
Wireless headphones (ANC)1MORE SonoflowI use these around the house sometimes. Being on the cheaper side also means I can also take them out and not be terrified of them being stolen or broken.
MicrophoneAntlion Audio Modmic 5I still prefer a headphone/headset mic when playing seriously, as they'll pick up consistently despite head movement. Since I haven't been playing anything competitively lately, I don't use it much.
MicrophoneRode NT1Bought in a bundle.
Microphone standRode PSA1Bought in a bundle.
Microphone Shockmount, Pop FilterRode SMR (shockmount / pop filter combo)These are nice versions of their respective components for long-term usage, since a metal pop filter and a non-elastic shockmount suspension system have much better respective long-term durability than cloth/elastic.

Bought in a bundle.
Audio interfaceRode AI-1Used only for its XLR in with the NT1. The headphone out is, surprisingly, noisier than what I get from my STX.

Bought in a bundle.

Extras (not frequently used)

SpeakersAktimate MiniI got these second hand for cheap and mostly just use them when exercising.
MicrophoneAntlion Audio Modmic 4.0 UniAfter buying the 5 second-hand, this doesn't have a clear niche in my setup anymore. Maybe I could use it as a travel mic?
USB SoundcardAsus Xonar U3Sometimes used with my laptop, but more commonly just play music from my phone if using my laptop.
Headphones (open back)Audio Technica AD700My first foray into "good" audio back in the day. After a few years I upgraded/sidegraded to the AD900X and these were relegated to occasional use only. Now that I have the Clears they don't have a clear (haha) niche in my setup.
Headphones (open back)Audio Technica AD900XA few years back I got new glasses that were quite uncomfortable to use with headphones, so these didn't get much use after that. Now that I have the Clears they don't have a clear (haha) niche in my setup.
SpeakersAudioengine A2These are set up by my bed for the times I want to have something quietly playing during the night.
Mouse PadCooler Master MP510Used with my laptop for a while but it's a really noisy pad (not great for using in a library) and is sensitive to both slim mouse feet and downwards pressure on the mouse (which didn't work well with my main PC setup)
Portable SpeakerLogitech X100Used occasionally with my phone. Its role is/was partly displaced by wireless headphones so it's mostly for sharing music from a phone rather than solo-listening while doing housework.
MicrophoneRode VideoMic MeIn theory I can use this to record audio on my phone but that doesn't happen often.