Yet Another “Unsealed Spellbook Sivir” Post


A quick disclaimer: I’ve only analysed a single full Unsealed Spellbook Sivir game: SKT vs ROX, with Sivir played by Bang.

I am by no means the first person to write about this subject.

However, the writeups I’ve seen fail to adequately explain why you specifically use this setup on Sivir, not other champions that may at a glance also meet the criteria for this build according to those articles.

Taken together, these posts say that this works on Sivir because:

  1. Sivir has good pushing
  2. Mostly as a consequence of her pushing ability, Sivir’s generally safe in lane
  3. The meta is somewhat slow

These points aren’t wrong (they’re very much correct), but they’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. It’d be like assembling all the ingredients for a pizza and then leaving it uncooked – you’ve got enough there to still call it “a pizza”, but the last step is needed before anyone’s actually going to eat it.

That last step? Sivir’s team fighting.

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Everything is Roughly Balanced

This concept is applicable near universally: games, economics, computer parts, whatever. If the category exists, the things within it are almost certain to be roughly balanced.

For “quick and dirty” comparisons between two things, this concept is incredibly valuable to understand. When you just need to know roughly whether something’s worthwhile, you can save a lot of time by keeping the deep analysis for later.

Let’s use some examples to illustrate.

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So Like, How Do You Build an Army Fast?

This question was originally posted on the RoN subreddit, and this article has been adapted from my reply.

There’s two things that this question could be tackling, either rushing, or general unit production. For the purpose of my answer I’m assuming the latter.

In that case, there’s 3 bottlenecks:

  1. The speed at which each individual unit is produced.
  2. The number of units being produced at the same time (i.e. 2x barracks will pump out infantry at 2x speed).
  3. If you have the resources to continue building with no downtime.

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