PC of Theseus v2

Quoting Wikipedia, “the Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment about whether an object that has had all of its original components replaced remains the same object.” The PC of Theseus is a system that had almost all of its components replaced, and we just gave it another round of upgrades to dial the existentialism up even further.

As before, the cool PC building photo isn’t mine — we aren’t even doing any RAM or storage upgrades here. Image credit: Heliberto Arias via Unsplash.

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Michael’s Gaming PC v2

In December of 2016 I helped Michael put together a build I dubbed The Silent Whisper: a high-end gaming PC that had SPCR-level acoustics.

Towards the end of 2022, Michael was looking to upgrade the entire system, so I put on my PC building hat once more and gave him a hand.

If we wanted the best photo we would’ve taken this from the other side of the table for more natural light.

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