Wait, why did you leave the RoN Discord?

I’ve been personally urged to clarify this by one of the server’s admins.

The RoN Discord — last time I checked — has two admins. I’m friends with one of them, and the other one is the reason that I left. I guess it really just boils down to: if someone controlling a space is actively making me feel unwelcome / actively kills the vibe for me, I do not want to be in that space anymore (see also: reddit).

And so that we’re clear, I’m not really wanting special treatment (other than perhaps a bit more leeway on some of the files I post, some of which could look very sketchy if posted by someone who hasn’t spent a thousand hours of their life on public modding contributions). I would like every person to have their time and attention respected as the valuable resources I believe them to be, for reasonable effort to me made to make each person to feel welcome, and for reasonable effort to be made to respect each person’s boundaries and preferences.

I haven’t privately messaged this person (at least not in the past several years), and haven’t deleted any of my own public messages directed at them, so feel free to do your own vibe check.

He’s correct about a couple of things though. The modding scene for RoN is missing what would probably be considered pretty low hanging fruit in the modding communities for some other games, which sucks but isn’t really my fault and I’ve already done more than my fair share to assist other modders. I also do think I’m pretty great, thanks for noticing! I used to struggle a lot more with self-esteem issues but the kindness jam-packed into the RoN community really picks you right up.

Anyway, hope that clarifies (as requested!) why I left:

Chicken (aka 7Lucky7Duck7, Discord ID 229684485912788993) is an ass, and we won’t be working with him again.

Update: continued meltdown

As I’ve mentioned already, I myself have not deleted any of my (recent) messages in either server, so onlookers are of course free to go to both the RoN and RoP servers and do their own vibe check (as I also already mentioned). Since leaving the RoN server I’ve sent one single message on the RoP server, and it’s already shown in the second screenshot (me saying “lol”).

I can’t provide screenshots of conversations from the RoN server because I’m no longer on the RoN server, hence why people will need to go look for those messages themselves. It’s difficult to imagine that the frustrated messages I sent prior to leaving could be reasonably described using the terms in the screenshots above. Again: please go look for the messages if you want the context, as I can’t show them without being on the server.

The reason why the RoP screenshots appear one-sided is because since leaving the RoN server I’ve mostly kept to myself. 30 minutes ago I was trying to figure out how to balance Maya, doing some testing on their Timber discount compared to other nations, and writing up some thoughts about whether it’s worth pulling extra Citizens to speed up construction of a building.

Chicken on the other hand has spent that time having a public meltdown, so quoting all relevant messages from the RoP server involves quoting one single message of my own, but many messages from Chicken.

One more time in bold all caps just in case you missed it: IF YOU WANT ANY POTENTIAL MISSING CONTEXT, PLEASE GO READ IT YOURSELF.

Update 2: continued meltdown: electric boogaloo

I see we’ve reached the point where posting verbatim screenshots that include all messages recently sent by both parties (which my screenshots include because I don’t want to directly engage with a fucking lunatic and so haven’t sent anything new) is now misinformation.

I attempted the “quietly continue working on CBP” route, but unfortunately:

  • Chicken publicly called me irresponsible for not telling the community why I left, and lamented having to provide an explanation on his own given the absence of mine (see screenshot #1 at the start of this post).
  • Chicken publicly disparaged me for several days after I left even though I kept to myself.

And so I changed strategies from “quietly work on CBP” to “share all available screenshots” (once again noting that I cannot access conversations from the RoN server, which is why I am repeatedly asking people to find those messages on their own) so that people can get the explanation which Chicken so desperately wanted and make up their own minds about the situation using the available information.

Chicken can either want me to publicly explain why I left, or want me to keep things quiet. He can’t simultaneously berate me for not choosing option #1 while I had picked option #2 and then double down on going ballistic when I (as per his own stated preference) change to doing #1 in just about the least-public way available. It’s just not cricket.

Let’s recap some important facts:

  • I did not include a call to action when I left.
  • I did not include a call to action in this post.
  • I did not post this on the RoN server.
  • I did not post this on the RoP server.
  • I did not post this on my Patreon.
  • I did not even post this on my own server until it had been publicly responded to elsewhere, and even then I only posted it to my patrons-only channel (which has exactly three people in it other than me).
  • I did not post this on my Mastodon etc.
  • I did not post this on my YouTube channels etc.
  • I did not post this on any of the CBP platforms (the Steam Workshop page, CBP Launcher, roncbp.com, etc).
  • I did not ask anyone to post it anywhere.
  • I did not “wink wink nudge nudge” suggest anyone post it anywhere.

To find this post, someone would have to either directly access my site unprompted, or directly ask me why I left.

Chicken has at this point sent close to 100 public messages either to me or about me since I left the RoN server, vs my one (which I will remind you was three letters long). I’ll leave it to the readers to decide which person tried to quietly move past someone’s unhinged lunacy and which person tried to make a public spectacle immediately and drag it out for as long as possible while playing the victim.

A clarification: I was not a fully-fledged moderator on the RoN server. I was explicitly a “reserve moderator”. Although I had the same role privileges, my duty was limited to taking entirely uncontentious actions at my leisure, such as removing obvious spam if I happened to see it at the time. This reduced the average time that such messages remained on the server quite significantly, as it increased the number of people with message removal privileges by 50% at the time (from two to three) and thus the average amount of time before someone was available (who could deal with the spam) became much lower.

I explicitly requested that my role as reserve moderator be clearly marked as such (and not just as a generic “moderator”) to avoid confusion over this, but my request was denied. You’re welcome to ask the remaining server staff to look through the mod chat to confirm this fact if you don’t believe me — hopefully captain jackass hasn’t gone and started deleting everything just yet.

Message links for screenshots, in order of appearance:

1: The originals were deleted for being off topic (they were posted in #strictly-ron-chat on the RoP server, a channel which was created with a warning that off-topic posts would get you temp-banned).

2: The originals were deleted for being off topic (they were posted in #strictly-ron-chat, a channel which was created with a warning that off-topic posts would get you temp-banned). A first-party copy of the messages was put here in a different channel on the RoP server.

3: RoP server

4: RoP server

5: RoP server

6: RoP server

7: RoP server

8 and 9: Still working on the relevant articles!

10 and 11: RoP server

12: RoP server

13: RoP server