What’s in a Name? (aka Why Are You Called Loppy?)

Long story short: when I first needed an alias of more than 3 letters (high score entries in arcade games), we had 4 pet rabbits.

Left to right: Dusty, Loppy, Misty, Shadow.

At some point my brother used the name of one of our rabbits as his in-game alias, Shadow. Being the younger brother, obviously the only course of action was to do something original copy him, so I used Loppy. It was never intended to be a long-term thing (and he didn’t keep using Shadow), but after I used it a few times it kind of stuck. Certainly once it was on Steam it really solidified into my “official” alias.

My namesake.

Ever since then, I’ve been using the name and people have been calling me by it. When it came time to make a League of Legends account, “Loppy” was unfortunately taken, so I came up the ingenious idea of adding my initials to the start: MHLoppy. Creative, I know.

One of the best photos I took of her back in the day.

In any case, that’s basically it. No grand reason or eureka moment. Just a name chosen almost arbitrarily which never got a better replacement. Somehow it managed to evolve into what it is today, and these days I actually get called “Loppy” more than “Mark” even by many of my close friends.

Here’s a couple more pictures of the same rabbits for your viewing pleasure. Maybe in the future I’ll dig through our family photo archives and pull out a few more.

Nice and cozy together in the indoor-cage.
Almost looks like we caught them in the middle of something.

Alas, pets don’t live forever – all these photos are from years gone by and the rabbits shown in them are no more. On the flip side, Nibbles (grey) and Ghetti (white):

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